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Whether you want to increase your knowledge on a topic or to learn entirely new skills, there is no shortage of online courses to help you on your way. There are so many options; it can be challenging to find out which platform you like best!If you want to help upgrade your skills of a freelancer or employee, then choosing the best match for their learning style can be even more difficult.

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To help you navigate the fast-growing world of online education, 10 of the most popular options to upgrade your skills are given here. Get ready, learn …!




Coursera has partnered with major universities in the US and around the world to provide online courses covering dozens of different topics. Recently, they have introduced “specializations” – 10 separate course courses that will get official certification from an affiliate university.


Various types of topics are available to choose from Courserera Everything from data science to musical theory. As Courier boasts itself of being accessible to everyone, many courses are for free or very cheap, in the end, there is only an official certificate which includes high costs.


An experienced, a skilled online learning area, offers a subscription-based video tutorial library. Think of it as education-based Netflix. An excellent option for those who are visual learners, and at a fair cost of $ 25 per month, offers unlimited access to more than 80,000 videos on a wide range of different topics.




With 800 new courses included in its performance list every month, Udemy is a bit more expensive than its competitors. Costs vary, from $ 10 to $ 500 for different courses; The most popular Udemy courses in business and technology are upwards of $ 100. However, you can read alumni reviews before signing any class so that you can make more informed decisions.




There is a strong focus on Udacity Technology, in which there is a small but well-groomed selection of courses. If you want to break data science (“the sexiest job of the 21st century”), there is an impressive roster of teachers of companies like Salesforce and Facebook in Udacity’s Data Science program.


The value structure of Udacity allows you to make monthly payments for your courses; If you decide to leave any program before completing this, you pay the course till that point instead of the whole thing.


Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a non-profit online platform that provides a complete library of educational “micro-lectures.” Focusing on more traditional academic subjects, Khan Academy offers a mix of video and text-based content in mathematics, science, economics, humanities. And a bit of computer programming. Since Khan Academy is free to use anybody, it is a great way to get a taste for a topic before going to advanced courses elsewhere.




First supported by the White House, Kodak Academy is devoted to teaching people how to code – and it is available for free. While other online coding courses “learn at their own pace” are the environment, Codex encourages academics to keep pace faster by using support groups and a game point system.


The school offers courses on many languages-including PHP, Python, and Ruby – and students often build and deploy projects until they already complete their course.


The block


Focusing on web development, Block is a more powerful option for those who want to learn quickly. Rather than a short course or lecture, this highly structured program lasts 25 hours per week in several months. With the tuition starting at $ 4,250, does not come cheap – but it provides a great alternative to those who are ready for a change in careers.




In the form of “Courserera of Europe,” Berlin-based diversity has participated in offering academic courses with European and international universities. Unlike Cortez, however, it does not seem that diversity is currently providing any proper authentication.




Skillshare is a community market for new skills. With a wide range of different subjects to choose from, Skillshare offers an online catalo of video-based courses, as well as personal workshops in cities like San Francisco and New York.


Many classes are available without membership at the cost of approximately 20- $ 30 each, but the top class taught by industry leaders – are available only with a scholarship membership. The subscription cost is $ 9.95 per month, while you do not get any free content, it offers 20 percent of all classes. Like other platforms, Skillshare offers student reviews for your reference.

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General Assembly


Focusing on education in design, business, and technology, New York City-based General Assembly has made campus in almost a dozen different cities around the world. Although most of the General Assembly classes are in -person, they offer a small selection of online or only mixed courses.


The General Assembly also explains popular lectures, provides lecturers and real-time conversations with other students. Their online curriculum ranges from one-lecture to multi-part workshops

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